1 channel taxi DVR

This is a professional mobile DVR based on 1 channel sd card recording, all connections are aviation..


990.00 Kr

1.3Megapixel WDR Digital Button Kamera

WDR Picture and Video quality AGC Microphone built-in and external connection 1.3MP digital reco..


2,700.00 Kr

1080p Keyfob Wi-Fi DVR

1080p Keyfob Wi-Fi DVRWi-Fi built-in1080p keyfob DVR Smallest p in-hole camera Records at 1080..


1,759.00 Kr 1,512.00 Kr

1080p Multinational Pin USB Charger DVR with Wi-Fi

Industry's First Innovation! USB Charger DVR with Wi-Fi! Watch live view video on your phone!B..


2,199.00 Kr

3-channel white-noise generator

DNG-2300 protects from:Laser and microwave surveillance systems using reflections from the windo..


14,220.00 Kr

4G Multi Voice Recorder Surveillance Module

Features:External MEMS microphone, sensitivity up to 60dB The memory card capacity up to 128GB,..


2,400.00 Kr 1,760.00 Kr

4G Security Camera in Utility Box

Ultralife Mobile 4G Security Camera in Utility Box offers a number of unique features that make it a..


525.00 Kr 472.50 Kr

5MP Full HD Sensor H.264 1080P Keyfob WiFi DVR

Spion kamera? Vil du have en mobil løsning. Der kan bruges efter behov, og som er lige ved hånden? S..


2,385.00 Kr 1,399.00 Kr

5MP HD Sensor H.264 1080p Keyfob DVR

100% brand new Full HD H.264 1080p keyfob DVR Smallest 5MP pin-hole camera made especially for re..


1,470.00 Kr 1,264.00 Kr

5MP HD Sensorr H..264 1080p Keyffob DVR

100% brand new Full HD H.264 1080p keyfob DVR Smallest 5MP pin-hole camera made especially for re..


1,759.00 Kr 1,512.00 Kr

720p Hidden Camera Eyeglasses

Highly discreet and very comfortable, these 720P HD glasses camera are the perfect everyday covert r..


1,899.00 Kr

Bluetooth Speaker 1080P Covert IP DVR

Get your hands on the next generation surveillance camera. The SP-PV-BT10i is a compact, portable ca..


2,499.00 Kr

Body Worn Analog CMOS Cam

Body Worn Analog CMOS CamBuilt-in interchangeable NTSC/PAL switch Built-in microphone High res..


940.00 Kr 808.00 Kr

Body Worn Camera DX02

DX02 Police Body Worn Camera is a new generation police equipment developed by us,which is the most ..


2,400.00 Kr

Body Worn Camera Package SP-DX02

Package Including: 1. 8 pcs of Body Worn Camera DX02 2. Portable Docking Station PDS02DX02 Pol..


20,219.00 Kr

Spyman Assistant

Hi, I am a personal AI assistant, ask me anything you want to know about Spyman Security!

Hej, jeg er en personlig AI-assistent, spørg mig om alt, hvad du vil vide om Spyman Security!

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